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You focus on grades. We'll do the laundry.

Students spend over 75 hours every year just doing laundry. Campus Laundry will wash, dry, fold, and DELIVER your clothes - saving valuable time for the things that matter most.


Drop off. Pick up.

Students and Faculty bring their dirty laundry to one of the Campus Laundry vehicle drop locations. Campus Laundry staff sorts, washes, dries, folds, and packages the items for return to campus for pick up.

Why use Kliko

No more studying in the laundry room.

On average, college students will spend about 75 hours doing laundry this year. That's over 4 complete days doing nothing but washing, drying, and (maybe) folding clothes. Those 75 hours would be much better spent going after that A+.


Convenient drop off and pick up locations.

Drop off and pick up locations are conveniently located  at Hess Hall

Prestige Cleaners + Campus Laundry: Unstoppable*

backed by the best in the biz

Campus Laundry: A Prestige Cleaners Company

  • Founded in 1985: 35+ Years Serving Knoxville

  • Blue Ribbon Small Business of the Year award from the US Chamber of Commerce in both 2010 and 2014

  • Eleven locations in the Knoxville Area and in Rogersville, TN

  • Awarded by Women’s Political Caucus for workplaces that work for women.

  • Shoe Repair, Professional Alterations, Tuxedo Rentals & More

  • Top Knox, Best of Knoxville, Best Dry Cleaners Awards

Don't stress! We're here to help.

Don't let laundry chores dominate your semester.

Reach out - We'll reach back.

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